T2i - NTSC - smooth, PAL - not smooth...? Please help..

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..PAL videos from my 550D ARE NOT SMOOTH , NTSC are great!!?? Picture ase studerd , Im going to crazy about that... It can be easy see difference on LIVE VIEW, no matter is it recording on or off (so memory card is not an issue) I have Magic Lantern on, is that problem?? Problem is there when I turn off ML too (by pressing half shooter durinf turn on camera) What abour shooter speed , does it make diference why videos are sudderd. I have connected to my FullHD Samsung TV over HDMI, and problem is SO VISABLE!!!

720p PAL is better, 480 even better and 480crop look best Looks like camera have no power enough for video processing?? PLEEASE help, I need to shoot in PAL for TV doc. VERY soon.

Thank you ...

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