AF frame, Even if Auto-hide, disturbs Follow Focus

Issue #817 wontfix
created an issue

If you want to use the simple Follow Focus which is control with Navigation Cross, the Function will disturbed by the Af-Frame, Even if Auto-hide is selected under tweaks. If using Navigation Cross, sometimes the Af-Frame is moved and sometimes the FF is working. Maybee a Solution Could Be if adding a "always hide" Option for Af Frame.

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  1. Alex

    This lets you move the AF frame (diagonal keys) and focus (up/down/left/right keys).

    AF frame can't be hidden completely, since Canon will redraw it. You can disable all Canon graphics as a workaround.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm having problems with the trap focus not moving at all when using direction keys... Is this similar to the problem you're having?

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