500d follow focus with buttons 11.11.11

Issue #822 resolved
ats1995 created an issue

The feature works great and is very stable, but it's no difference to left vs up button. Earlier up was roughly twice as fast as left.

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    1, wih a delay of 20ms. Another issue is that after some focus pulls, it seem to make a jump(not all the time). I can recreate it simpely by going to the soft limit, and focuse quickly away from this point.

    Secondly, and maybe most anoying thing is that the buttons have chaged. Some time ago, in beta 1.5(only for 500d) for instance. Then up arrow was ++ distance, but now it's --. I don't know though, if this a feature that simpely requier habitation or if it's a bummer :)

    Last small issue, is that the ++, ect. draws in the centre of the screen, not the center of the live view window. Anyway, it's a VERY minor thing.

    Another drawing super minor "issue", is when you use upsid-down mode(absolutely LOVE this feature!!), the audio meter draws upside up in audio menu tab, while everything else are upside down. NOT important though, just perfectonism :D GREAT work on this build

  2. Alex

    With up/down keys, the step size will be 2 in this case. Maybe with your lens they are close enough. If you set step size at 2, ++/-- will be 3.

    This focus method is the only one compatible with all cameras (and it's the one used by EOS utility).

    The sign of ++/-- is adjustable from menu.

    Upside-down mode is difficult to implement properly; now it's just a quick workaround so you can read what's on the screen.

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