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Hello! I'm wondering if you could change the button for turning off the Magic Lantern software from the shutter button, to maybe the erasebutton while starting your camera. Because sometimes when my camera turns off automaticly and I'm waking it up with the shutter button, the Magic software doesn't load and I have to restart the camera.

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  1. Martin Ocando

    I second that. It drives me nuts when I have to restart the camera because ML didn't loaded.

    In fact, I would like to have a menu option to turn it off completely, since, if I don't see a reason for not letting ML load. If I want to loan my camera, and don't want anyone to play with ML settings, I'll just give it away with a freshly formatted card. That's it.

  2. ats1995

    Very good idea! This have bithered me to a bit, and to use the erease button for MLoff would be great. I would like to see this on all cameras, if possible.

  3. Martin Ocando

    Yeah, just make it a menu item, as ML load prevention, and options could be: Shutter half press/Erase Button/Off

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    When I'm trying to boot with the new autoexec.bin, my camera makes a "beep" and says: "FONTS.DAT not found. Please copy all ML files". What do I do wrong?

  5. ats1995

    And the set button deosn't work in live view... when pressing it, it moves the the AF frame quickly back and forth one notch. The canon menu doesn't appear as it should.

  6. Alex

    SET in 500D normally opens Canon menu?!

    It does nothing on 550D (with Canon firmware), and on 60D it centers the AF frame. With ML, it should also center the AF frame on other cameras.

  7. ats1995

    No, not the menu, but where you can change AF mode, white balance, iture profile, etc. It's the otransperant overlay. It doesn't appear. Theonly thing that happends is that the af frame mves back and forth a notch. Sorry for my terrible explainations :/

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