600d: Video Album problems with ML 11/11/11

Issue #825 wontfix
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Hi to all,

after updating to the latest ML 11/11/11 using the video album option (4 secs) to shoot movies, every once in a while (maybe in 3 out 10 cases) the display changes to monotone white after the 4 seconds are over (normally there is this menu displayed in which you can select if you want make a new album out of the clip or add it to an existent album, etc.). With the previous versions of ML I didn't have any issues on this. Any thoughts?



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  1. scrax

    basically it takes a video of 2 or 4 or 8 sec. After recording for the selected duration video goes back to standby and a menu ask you to select if add another clip to the one just recorded or other option like review of the clip etc... In the end you will have a video that is all the clip recorded in one only file. I can't see any use for it but I can replicate the error, is not once in a while, to me looks that each time ClearScreen is on you will get a white/light blue screen that goes away with halfshutter press. When there is the white screen pressing SET will select the default value (not visible) of the options menu and the white screen goes away, back to standby mode. Basically with clear screen active the menu is covered by this white curtain I never used that function so I have no Idea if before 11.11.11 it is working i'll try to check it

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