Syncing 2 5Ds in video mode

Issue #84 on hold
dave_next3d created an issue

Is it possible to add a feature to externally trigger the "Live View" and "Set" buttons to help synchronize 2 5Ds for 3D filming? Ideally, the shutter timing would be sync'ed... but... even a fairly precise sync of the "Set" button to toggle record would be helpful.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  1. matholloway
    • removed version

    A proposed update to 0.1.7 is SMPTE input so if output is possible too i guess this would be the best way to sync. Not sure if this is going to stop and start record (i'm not sure what the point would be otherwise) but if it does you should be able to sync two cameras, or any devices that use SMPTE. I hope the 0.1.7 update includes this and comes soon!

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