500d LV Display Gain

Issue #847 wontfix
ats1995 created an issue

I can change the numbers, but it has no affect. The negative gain is only available by increasing it from 6 ev to -3 ev, and not by decreasing it from 0 ev. When decreaing it from 0 ev, it goes straight to 6 ev.

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  1. Alex

    It works, Coutts has a video with this. But it doesn't work in all modes (firmware limitation).

    Decreasing bug fixed.

  2. ats1995 reporter

    The gain works when not using Expo Override. Forgot to mention, but I don't know if it changes anything

  3. Alex

    This means the trick only worked in newer cameras...

    Double-checked the 500D constants, they are correct.

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