60D Movie Mode Sensor Heating

Issue #859 resolved
fotis3d created an issue

Hi there and thanks for the great work you are doing.

This is more a question more than a problem thing.

I use the download bitrate (so that i can write 30min video) and the auto restart movie recording.

This is really great for me so that i won't have to press the button everytime.

But here is the question :

Is there a way of burning out the sensor ? I record and don't really watch the camera.

What will happen when the sensor heats enough ? Will it just stop recording and wait to cool off ?

Should i be worried about this or not ? Is it safe doing this ?

Also is there a way of monitoring the sensor temperature ?

Thank you

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  1. fotis3d reporter

    So i assume i don't need to worry about burning out the sensor .

    Thank you very much about the quick answer. ;)

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