5D mII only records once and shows error

Issue #879 resolved
Jeep642 created an issue

I was using AJ 5.0 with 2.0.9 and everything was fine. Then I fed 12v instead of 7.2 to the camera (i'm building arig, my bad...). I sent it to the repair center, it came back with 2.1.1 (I gate when they get overzealous...). So I downgraded to 2.0.9 and installed AJ 5.9. Everything seems fine except that I can hit record once, record for a while, hit record a gain, it stops, the file is created. good. If I record again when I stop recording, nothing happens for about 10 seconds (I can still see what I'm shooting on the display) and the camera displays an eroor message saying that I can't shoot anymore and need to turn off/on the camera or remove/reinsert the battery. I reinstalled AJ 5.9 on 2.0.9, I tried AJ 5.0 on 2.0.9, ML classic on 2.0.8, same issue always. Is there a known fix for this or does it ring a bell. Thanks

Great work everybody


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