600d broken menu

Issue #881 resolved
andrey created an issue

Hi Alex. With new build 08.12 and 09.12, canon 600d works incorrectly. At the first start shows the menu, the menu canon works well but if to press a call of menu ML all from the screen is cleaned, there is only an image, but the chamber on former functions, changes ISO etc. but can't begin record. If to translate in photo position only in mode P glass falls. After a picture the screen to become black. At repeated inclusion of the chamber, black and it any more doesn't photograph the screen. Removal of a file of a configuration from a flash card leads to initial result, again all appears on the screen, all menus. But the call of menu ML again cleans all. Build from 07.12 same, but the menu didn't appear absolutely. If not so clearly I can make video.

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