Canon bar flickering

Issue #885 resolved
cyphill created an issue

In few latets versions of autoexec.bin is again back flickering of Canon bar with aperture, shutter, ISO, etc. And "Kill Canon GUI" is no longer in ML menu.

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  1. cyphill reporter

    No, but behaves it differently, Canon bar flickering is still here and ML bar is after flicker broken, but when i go to ML and back, ML bar is OK. Or when i turn REC on, push halfshutter (ML bar is broken for now) and i turn REC off, ML bottom bar is completely hidden.

    Sorry for my english, here is movie:

  2. Alex

    A bit better :)

    Try now. Canon bar will still be over ML bar when you press the shutter. When you turn the wheel or press AV, it should not flicker at all.

    That's how it works on 60D.

    P.S. Is FPS override working?

  3. cyphill reporter

    Thank you for everything. But pity that it's not like one of the older autoexec.bin where Canon bar, when i push halfshutter or choosing iso, was not even visible...

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