My autofocus has stopped working when pressing the shutter button

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tomholst created an issue

HI, I just installed magic lantern onto my 60D, with the newest firmware update etc. Everything followed very closely as instructed by your site. There is sadly one issue that i hope you can help with. My camera no longer can focus by pressing down the shutter button half way (taking pictures). The only way it will focus is by pressing the AE lock button (during photo taking). I can not find anything anywhere in any of the menus that would allow you to turn the focusing ability on the shutter button. Can you please help me!?

Regards Thomas

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    Thank you=2CI have tried this=2C and have also 'reset all the custom functi= ons'. It still does not work=2C is there any way to wipe the system entirel= y?

    Subject: Issue 889 in Magic Lantern: My autofocus has stopped working whe=

    n pressing the shutter button=20

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