Blank screen when switching from photo mode to video mode

Issue #892 resolved
Adityo Jiwandono created an issue

When switching from photo mode (say, M mode) to remapped photo mode (say, A-DEP remapped to video mode), camera shows blank screen. This only occurrs when live view is active.

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  1. tanantish NA

    Additional info: I've replicated the issue when going from M -> A-DEP but it's working for me going from M with live view on all the way to CA.

    Other observations are

    • when replicating the bug (going from M -> A-DEP) the red door light is blinking at the rate of roughly one pulse every 4-6 seconds when the screen is blanked.
    • when going from M->CA mode with live view on, I get the sound of the mirror flicking down and then locking back up in the transition. I don't get this sound when moving from M->A-DEP (i.e. mirror has locked up when i kicked M into live view, and it's staying there)

    (edited so my english was a tad more understandable.. oops)

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