T3i led turns on as soon as ML SD Card is engaged even not turned on.

Issue #899 resolved
cjmedia created an issue

Long story short,

Second time installing/using ML.

Installed ML with Mac onto Transcend class 10 16gb. My plan was to do a time lapse over 6-8 hours. So I got it all set up, had power saving options turned on, intervalometer set at every 10min.

Went to sleep at 2am, left camera running. Woke up at 9am, Everything was off even thought the power switch was on. So I pulled the battery, took the SD card out, inserted SD card into computer only to find 4 pictures.

I took the SD card out, plugged it into my camera, the red led turns on, but nothing else happens. I have to pull the battery to make it turn off. Every source says to get rid of the ML files you have to format it inside the camera, but I cannot even turn on the camera.

Does anybody have any solutions?

I just bought a card reader for my PC, so I can use Mac/PC.

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