600D focus assist and magic zoom corruption after digital zoom in LV

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cathalferris created an issue

Hi. I've recently installed the 12/12/11 build of ML on my new 600D.

I've noticed that the focus assist borders do not show in place after returning from the digital zoom in movie mode. Also the magic zoom magnified window can be corrupted . These features do not return to normal until after a power cycle of the camera.

When I go to movie mode at first, the focus assist edge highlights are correct, and in the expected places at the expected times. Then, when I go to the digital zoom (DISP + zoom+), the focus assist edges are correct and as expected. However, when I return to the 1x view (DISP + zoom-), the edges are misaligned and wrapping as though the algorithm is expecting to find the edge of the viewing area at the 3x borders, not the 1x borders. If I go back into the 3x zoom, the edges are aligned. To get the edges back to their expected locations I must power off the camera and power back on.

The attached zipfile has 5 screenshots taken trying to show the issue. First pic is normal zoom, focus peak edges as normal. Second pic is uncorrupted magic zoom. Third pic is zoomed in, edges as normal, Fourth pic shows the corrupted magic zoom after returning to normal zoom. Fifth pic shows the out-of-place edges from the focus assist.

Many thanks for enabling such useful addons as the focus assist and intervalometer tools as these are invaluable for astrophotos.

Regards, Cathal.

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  1. scrax

    I know that this issue is reported each time a new release is out, but I can't find it on the issue tracker. Am I wrong or if not can this be set to open?

  2. cathalferris reporter
    • changed status to new

    Is this actually two separate issues - one for the focus edge assist overlay, and the other for the corrupted digital zoom / magic zoom combination?

    I did search through the bugtracker for previous instances of these issues but I didn't come across this behaviour for this release, which is why I opened the new bug for it.

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