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Issue #905 wontfix
jmalbright created an issue

I just installed ML on my 500D and I'd like to thank all of the developers for their hard work on a very promising project. I am having a little bit of trouble when trying to switch the ISO from the ML menu. Say, for example, I choose a non-native ISO setting of 320. If, after selecting that ISO level, I take a picture very quickly, I will indeed get an image at ISO 320 as indicated by the EXIF data. However, if I select ISO 320 and wait a few seconds then take a picture, the ISO will automatically switch to 400. This doesn't always happen and I have tried many times to duplicate the problem, but I cannot seem to pin down a clear pattern that causes this issue. Also, I need to mention that this does not only happen at ISO 320 & 400. It will also automatically switch from ISO 160 to ISO 100, ISO 640 to ISO 800, etc.

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  1. SkyStranger

    Hello, I have the same problem with all versions of ML.


    • In main ML menu if I choose non-native ISO it switched to nearest native (160 to 200; 320 to 400; 640 to 800 etc.) in 2 sec. But...
    • ...if I quickly back to start Canon's menu, I see at Global draw selected ISO so I can do shots with it. But if you bring a finger (or smth) to the IR sensor, it is resets to closest one.
    • If I do it in LiveView mode, it works at all time in right way.

    500D (1.1.1 f/w); ML 22 Dec 2011;

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