CBR Multiplier no effects (1x ~ 3x) on Green Screen recordings

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Crile created an issue

Hello fellow ML'ers,

I have a problem when shooting in a Green Screen setup. When shooting a Green Screen setup, the bitrate stays more or less the same with all multiplier settings. I tested it with all steps between 1x and 3x. It's pretty much the same bitrate as the factory settings.

I've used different iso values: 160, 320, 640, 200 and 400.

The only way to get it up to 54mbit/s is to overlit the shot a couple of stops. In this situation I actually got higher bitrates on 1.7x then I did on 3x

I do understand that in these kind of shots there's a lot less detail and movement then in normal shooting, so, birates could be lower then expected, but with the multiplier set to 2x or 3x this should still give a much higher bitrate then 1x, or factory setting do.

I have tried it with different versions of Magic Lantern. Currently I'm ussing: magiclantern-2011Dec12.550D.60D.600D.50D.500D

does any of you experience the same issue?

Thanks for your responses and/or solutions.

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  1. Crile reporter

    Hi Alex,

    I'm sorry, i think i didn't understand it correctly. What you where saying is, I just reached the maximum Qscale setting on lets say CBR 1.7x, so going any higher just doesn't do anything?

    my first response: thanks for your quick response, but I don't think thats it, unless I just dont understand the menu. I've enclosed a screenshot of the menu setting on my 550D. Also with the same settings and lower mulitplier settings with different subjects it does multiply which results in higher bitrates.

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