500D when in playback mode and reviewing stills, any button press after pressing magnify once, sets magnification to max level

Issue #919 resolved
tanantish NA created an issue

Minor glitch, when in review mode, after magnifying a picture, any press of a d-pad button or the magnify buttons zooms in to max magnification.

Note however, this doesn't prevent you from un-magnifiying the image or using the D-pad to move around (i.e. : it's not really a major problem).

Running the camera with an ML card in, but bypassing ML one-time displays correct behaviour.

Using: 1.1.1-ml-2011Dec12

Replication: #Press the Play button - enters review mode #Press magnify once - image zooms in one level (as expected) #Press any key on the D-pad, or either of the magnify buttons - //zooms in to max magnification//

From this point, it's repeatable - you can either press play to go back to flipping through images, or zoom out and d-pad to another image, press magnify once, and the next press of a d-pad or magnify button will push you into max magnification.

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  1. tanantish NA reporter

    Sorry to report it's not working, I get a different behaviour with the updated autoexec.bin however.

    Now, the first press of magnify takes me into full magnification, but i can see the two steps it takes. (one level in, then straight to max)

    Another interesting behaviour is now appearing too: if i zoom out to view the 2x2 grid of preview images, and then press magnify on one of them, I get it magnifying that image to the maximum with noticeable steps all the way through (but still much faster than if i was to press and hold the button on the stock firmware).

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    It's not resolved, and it's not listed in the known issues in the pdf that came in the zip (nor is is listed as a feature of play mode). And it is a usasbility bug.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Check your settings for Play and verify that you haven't selected "Fast+100%: first ZoomIn press will zoom to 100%." I believe that's what a1ex might be referring to (it's a selectable feature, not a bug).

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