AV output issue with Magic Latern.

Issue #92 wontfix
Former user created an issue

Few things to note. Just connected 8 inch lcd screen through AV connector. Very nice cheap monitor for precise focusing.. but there are few things: 1) On original firmware, when you unplug monitor connector from the camera, Camera display turns on.. when you plugin - camera display turns off, external monitor turns on. On Magic latern, it does not work this way. If that was upgraded with monitor connected, then it will work on monitor.. and if cable is disconnected, nothing happens. If it was upgraded to ML on camera display, then nothing happens when I connect AV cable. Bug.

2) For some reason, on external monitor it does not fit resolution and cuts a bit of the head including audio info and focusing distance. It shows all fine in size on original firware.


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  1. Trammell Hudson repo owner

    1) Is known and mentioned in the release notes. The hot plug task is disabled, so the video selected at boot time is the one that will be used. Fixing this would be difficult.

    2) On the DP1 monitor the overscan settings needed to be turned way, way up to get the entire image on screen. The default seemed to be only the "action safe" region of the image. Your monitor might be similar.

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