500d Zebra freeze

Issue #928 resolved
ats1995 created an issue


If any zebras are drawn when starting to record, then they will flicker throughout the entire take. The same pattern will stick and not go away, but new updated zebras are drawn in between the flickers. The flicker intensity is about three times a second. Actually the zebras flicker with this intensity all the time when recording.

Even if I disable zebras and then re-enable them the same pattern will be drawn.

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    That works, sort of. When I switch my camera an staring a record right away, the problem remains. But when doing a second record it's fine, both for zebras and false colors

  2. ats1995 reporter

    Yes, they are frozen. It looks and behaves the same... :/ Audio meters are off when audiorecoding is off :D Thanks

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