Zoom in PLAY mode no longer works on 600d/t3i build 11.12.22

Issue #950 duplicate
papaez created an issue

After upgrading to 11.12.22 from 11.12.12 zoom in PLAY mode no longer works. Hitting the zoom button does not respond. All other functions work properly.

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  1. papaez reporter

    Once I removed the magic.cfg which just basically brings it back to default. But once I set things up again it happened. The component that is the source of the problem is LiveView -> Magic Zoom. If this enabled in this build the zoom in play mode does not work. Once I disabled it, it was working again.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I would like to bring this issue back to attention again. It is definitely a high priority one, yet nobody has been assigned to fix it yet. The so called "fix" where you are required to remove MAGIC.CFG from the memory card is bullshit. It fixes it only momentarily, but as soon as you want to use any magic lantern feature again this file will be created again and the problem is back. This means you either have the option of not using magic lantern features, in which case there would be no point having it installed; or using magic lantern but being unable to zoom in to check the focus of each image. Checking the focus on a selection of images is vital, I do not want to have to wait to get back to a computer before I can zoom in and find a picture has been ruined, and thanks to this bug I have taken many photos which look fine on a small screen but found that half a shoot was wasted on settings that weren't perfected.

    Please fix this bug. Thanks.

  3. Former user Account Deleted
    1. 4, if you'd just read the duplicate issue post more carefully (rather then ranting about it here) you'd find two things - 1.) the problem effects older versions (so upgrade is an option), and 2.) the problem was traced to Magic Zoom so simply disable it in older versions to regain the Play zoom functionality
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