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couchfestfilms created an issue

I've been using the ML for a year from Haiti to Colombia and love it. I noticed in most recent update that I no longer can see the visual exposure indicator while filming. Yes, I can see +/- 0.0 EV in the bottom right corner. Maybe I'm lazy but I'd rather see a visual representation of this instead of having to interpret the numerical +/- 0.0 EV reading. It doesn't have to be fancy..but some variation of canon's visual exposure reading could work with me. Some +/- scale with a visual indicator of the current exposure on the scale. Maybe it could just be a line scale under the settings on the LCD screen...or maybe it could be above the 16:9 letter box. Just a humble request. As a visual person (go figure--hee hee!), I'd love to see a visual representation of the exposure reading. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

Craig Couch Fest Films

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  1. couchfestfilms reporter

    Good to know. Thanks for the update. I'll buckle down and learn how to read a histogram correctly.

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