SD slot LED stays on after removing card (60D)

Issue #960 wontfix
Former user created an issue

This does not happen every time but I can't figure out what the steps to repeat it are.

Upon opening the card door, the red LED usually flashes once. Sometimes it stays on, despite returning the card, closing the door, turning off the unit. The only way to get it to go off is to remove the battery.

This is with the latest Xmas firmware.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    So just to be clear, since I'm seeing the same issue on my 60D with ML...when you say "ML tries to save the config file", do you mean it tries to do that when the SD card door opens at any time? Whether power is on or off? And, how long is "too fast" (i.e. how long should I be waiting to make sure ML has enouguh time to save the config file)?

  2. Alex

    Don't remove the card while the LED is on (if you do, it will remain stuck).

    When power is off, the camera is still loading ML when you open/close the card door or change the lens (don't ask me why, Canon designed it like this).

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