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Tickerguy created an issue

The 600D/t3i has a video "clip" function that can shoot clips of short period (2, 4, 8 seconds each) and then prompts you to save them in a folder. This is a manual function that pops up after each clip is captured.

What would incredibly useful would be to be able to shoot an interval (say, the 8 second one, or even longer if it's possible to change it) and then have the camera automatically roll to a new file and keep shooting uninterrupted. There's a rough analog of this in the ML menus already in that if the camera stops due to time it can be told to roll over; adding the ability to have "clips" to do this has the potential to be very useful.

The utility of this feature comes with an EyeFi card -- now the camera has the ability to dump the video in real time provided it has a connection available, and if its fast enough it might even be able to keep up. If you could also specify the clip length up to a somewhat larger size (e.g. 1 minute) things would get even better.

Is this sort of enhancement a possibility?

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  1. Tickerguy reporter

    Close but not quite.

    Here's what I'm trying to accomplish -- in this world of indie news gathering there are sometimes risks of your gear getting confiscated or destroyed (e.g. Occupy "whatever" events.) The EyeFi card is quite cute and in combination with a cellphone in your pocket that happens to be set up as a Hotspot that the EyeFi card knows about, it will automatically blast the files up to the storage place of your choice, removing (mostly) this risk.

    Setting the intervalometer in movie mode activates immediately and has a 1-second delay (and sometimes more if you choose somewhat-longer clips) between clips. What I'd like to be able to do is have the RECORD button still be active, yet have the camera "partition" the movie recording on "N" second intervals. This would make live shooting with immediate removal of the media from the card to a remote location effortless. In your NLE you then reassemble the pieces in order and, with luck, you'd get seamless (or nearly so) playback.

    The testing I've done has major gaps in the clips making this not be all that useful for what I intend to do with it (that is, preservation of the video stream "just in case.")

    I don't have an immediate need for this and the camera may not have the horsepower to be able to close out the clip in question and start a new one "seamlessly" (sort of a "rolling shoot" thing); if not, well, it is what it is, but in that case the intervalometer would still be useful if it didn't start immediately (that is, if once set it honored the shutter and/or movie "take" buttons, depending on the mode it's in.) The only "gotcha" there is that you'd have to run pretty long clips and the upload time on the EyeFi might get long enough that the value proposition of getting the files off the camera immediately to a stable place of storage where they can't be confiscated and destroyed is probably diminished to the point of not being all that useful.

    Nonetheless, if I can recommend a change on the Intervalometer (even if butted-up movie clips cannot be accomplished):

    If in Movie Mode, when the Intervalormeter is on it is enabled when the "record" button is pressed and suspends when pressed again. Ditto when in picture mode -- once set it is "enabled" by the shutter button, and suspended (but retained as set) with the shutter once again.

    As it stands once it's turned on it turns on immediately and STAYS on until you hit MENU to kill it.

  2. Alex

    Right now it can't be done without a few seconds lost between clips.

    If this can be done, continuous recording can be done too.

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