EOS 60D does not remember movie recording size

Issue #965 on hold
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with the Unified ML (Xmas Edition), my EOS 60D does not remember when I switch movie recording size to something other than 1080i/25fps when I switch to a photo-mode and then back to movie mode. I usually record at 720p, but setting it in movie mode is only effective as long as I don't leave this mode.

Issue with both original movie mode and custom-mapped-to-movie (C).

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Correction: Issue is only when using MovieModeRemapped (C). When I select a size in original camera mode and switch modes, the camera remembers my selection when I get back to movie mode.

  2. Alex

    Can't reproduce. On my 60D, all movie settings are remembered properly with C mode.

    I've been using it with movie mode remapped to C for around one month - no problems noticed.

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