600D Red HS (Half-Shutter) appears on HDMI output with ClearScreen and Half-press shutter

Issue #972 resolved
brstream created an issue

Magic Lantern is nothing short of incredible. We are using the 600D/T3i for live streaming with a Teradek Cube, and the ClearScreen option has solved most of our problems.

When I set ClearScreen to always, and Half-press shutter to Every second, we get occasional bleed-throughs of the flashing "HS" on the upper right corner of the outputted video. Somehow ClearScreen is not blocking the overlay of the HS effectively enough. I don't know if this is an issue on other cameras, but it is on our T3i.

Occasionally, by shutting ClearScreen off and back on again, especially after we connect the HDMI out and leave it in (configuring via the monitor) we get it to stop. But mostly it bleeds through.

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  1. Alex

    If you enable other kind of graphics (for example, Canon histogram, or ML zebras), and you enable ClearScreen, are these graphics blocked or do they still bleed?

    I couldn't reproduce the issue on 60D.

  2. brstream reporter

    Here are more detailed steps to reproduce (as recorded in 2ndVideo.mov attachment above):

    1. Turn on Clearscreen to Always, and Half-Press Shutter to Every Second, then press trash button to come to live view: output is clean on internal viewfinder, no bleed.
    2. Attach Rebel T3i to HDMI monitor (this is where the attached recording starts): output has enlargement display frame box (which disappears after a few seconds) and flashing HS in a red box.
    3. Press trash button to go to menu, then again to return to live view: output is clean again.
    4. Unplug HDMI cord from camera (this is the part of the video where the frame freezes, obviously): output in the live view on the viewfinder of the camera is clean.
    5. Plug HDMI cord back in: output again has enlargement display frame and flashing HS box

    I didn't record the next part, but there is a workaround:

    • Press trash button to go to menu, then again to return to live view: output is clean again.

    So it seems the key is to make sure to press the trash button twice after plugging in the HDMI cord. But it seems like the ideal fix would not be affected by plugging and unplugging the HDMI cable, no?

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