Feature Request: ISO lower than 100?

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couchfestfilms created an issue

If possible, it would be great to have the option of having an ISO of less than 100. Say, 50 or even down to 25. Why? I would prefer this option than slapping on ND filters when I shooting outdoors. Lowering the ISO instead of adding ND filters would allow me to not lose detail quality that can sometimes happen when I slap on ND filters. Also, it would be quicker to drop the ISO down to 50 or 25 than to find my ND filter and screw them on and off.

Is this feature possible? For many of us that shot outdoors with fast lens and a shooting speed of 1/50 this would be a very desirable feature.



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  1. Alex

    You need to change the sensor of the camera.

    It is possible to have digital ISO 50, 25 etc., but it won't help you here. To get an idea, set display gain to -1 or -2EV, put ISO on auto and point the camera to some bright scene to force ISO 100).

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