Slow shutter speeds with fps override

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Hey alex.

I know that with the exposure overrides you were able to bring about 1/25 in video mode for PAL. Now that there is fps override would it be possible to have something like 1/4 if shooting at 4fps?

Thanks alex.

From Lenny... again.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Yeah, shooting with 1/4 and 4fps would be great! Is it possible to ad a shutter control to the fps override? So that we can set the shutter speed and fps seperatly?

    Thanks Steve

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Hey Steve,

    When you shoot at a low frame rate the shutter gets locked to 360 degrees. So if you shoot at 5fps it gets locked at 1/5. Although if you shoot at something like 24fps you can still control the shutter, but it is bizarre because ML says its 360, but you can change it in the ML menu. Kind of worked with shutter speeds down to 20 or 15.


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