500D - LV display gain has little effect when exposure override is active

Issue #980 wontfix
Former user created an issue

If you own a 500D, try these steps:

Go to a location with low light

Activate the movie mode

In the Expo menu, make sure "Exposure override" is deactivated

Increase the "LV display gain" setting to, say, +4

Record a short clip

Now reduce the "LV display gain" back to zero

Activate "Exposure override", and maximize the exposure (shutter, aperture, ISO)

Try increasing the "LV display gain". You should not see any effect past +1, if even that

Record a short clip again, and compare it with the previous clip

If you're seeing what I'm seeing, the latter clip recorded with maxed manual controls should be much darker, and the clip recorded with working LV display gain much brighter, although much noisier as well, of course.

However, I'm setting the priority of this issue to only minor. My reasoning is that the "LV display gain" setting is only used in low light shooting, so the deactivated "exposure override" setting should be fine because the camera is likely to select maximum ISO and aperture opening anyway (and the shutter speed can be controlled with the FPS override function).

PS: Thank you very much for both settings. :)

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