600D - Start Rack Focus with "Q" doesn't work while recording

Issue #981 resolved
Former user created an issue

The problem is, i've an actor and a background. I set the start and endpoint. Without recording the "Q" button works fine and i can exactly start the rack focus when needed. But if i press the record button and go to rack focus, the focus beginn to work after 2 sec. If i press "Q" at the time i needed, nothing happens. If i press "set", the focus comes after two sec. when i press"play" the focus comes also after 2 sec. But i need the rack focus by pressing "Q" while recording. Is this possible ?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Hmm, is there really nobody, who can help ? I don't know, is this an issue, or simply not possible, yet. May be in the future ? :-)

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I know this doesn't help you, but I also have this problem. It would be really usefull to have the ability to start rack focus during recording (without 2 sec delay). Currently rack focus isn't really helpful...

  3. Linusvanpelt

    Hi A1ex, do you think there is a way to fix this problem ? Another very very helpful thing would be an autofocus like "AL SERVO". For example an actor comes from the background to the foreground, the camera is on a tripod. At this time he would go out of focus. Is there a solution with the autofocus system and ML in the future, or technical impossible?

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