SDXC Card formatting issue

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Hello! I have a problem that occurs every time I format my SDXC 64gb card. To install ML I used SDHC 16gb card and it works fine, my SDXC card works fine too, but every time I format this card and choose an option to "keep Magic lantern" and reloading my camera after this, I found out that, there is no ML on my camera anymore. Please, help with this issue. Thanks!

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I used EOScard like 5 times or so(after evert format), even launch it as an Administrator. There is a way actually - simple not format my card anymore after installing ML, but I want to format it sometimes...just to make it quick.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Excuse me, I didn't quite understand one part:

    "If you use SD/SDHC/CF cards, you may simply repeat Step 2 on every card you would like to use Magic Lantern. "

    But do I need to repeat Step 2 on my SDXC card too?


  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Ok, I copied all ML files to my SDXC card, make it bootable with EOScard, insert this card, and click the Firmware Update button on the camera, but this time it's telling me "Update file cannot be found." Althought, I have all files on my card. Sorry for disturbing you...

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