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#398 Merged at d0604d7

Make core ML support multiple card slots out of the box

  1. G. Condello

This gets rid of:

  • 5D3 FIO hack (it is now used everywhere)

  • CARD_DRIVE / MODULE_CARD_DRIVE macros (The backend now autodetects where you want your files to be created)

  • Simple variables polluting the global namespace

  • (...)

Comments (7)

  1. Vladimir Vyskocil

    Perhaps you could add support for 'C:' drive ? This the drive used with the WFT-E5 grip on 7D when a USB drive is connected to it. There is a setting in the Canon menu to choose between CF, HD or both for saving shots but ML doesn't care about it and ignore C: If there is support for the C: drive, file_man could be updated to let one copy/move files between CF and hard drive, mlv_rec span recording could be used to add a 15-20MB/s boost.

    1. Alex

      Nanomad already added backend support for the C: drive, but we don't use this grip, so I don't know how fast it is and whether it's worth the effort.

      But if you have one, you are welcome to do some initial testing (benchmark? you can start with the twocard benchmark from 5D3).

      1. Vladimir Vyskocil

        Ok will try it. I did some benchmark previously with a modified mlv_rec where I substitued the reference to 'A' drive with a 'C' and got recording of about 16MB/s (only...) but I tried with a bare HD mounted on a sata-to-usb2 interface, perhaps it can achieve better throughput with another drive. I'm curious about other WFT grips for 5D MkII, MkIII,... does somebody tried one ?

          1. Vladimir Vyskocil

            just saw in the pull request the following lines, isn't it this ? :

            • // WFT drive
            • define PROP_FOLDER_NUMBER_C 0x02010002

            • define PROP_FILE_NUMBER_C 0x02010005

            • define PROP_CLUSTER_SIZE_C 0x02010008

            • define PROP_FREE_SPACE_C 0x0201000b

            • define PROP_CARD_RECORD_C 0x8003000d