#444 Merged at 6931c29
  1. Alex
  • sound effects
  • bug fixes (balls placed randomly on the paddle and crashes)
  • reduced flicker
  • better memory management (double linked list)

Comments (30)

  1. pravdomil

    sound effects are really great! :D

    in the intro the balls slow down around the edges is this on purpose?

  2. pravdomil

    Hi, a1ex. Can you give me a write access to this branch? I want to push some commits here. Thanks.

    1. Alex author

      Not sure how to do that, but I think I can give you (and also for the other major contributors) write access to all branches, and simply limit the unified branch to core devs.

      1. pravdomil

        It will be fine, now I had to always make a fork. This is much faster, if I want to something commit I will do seperate branch.

      2. Marsu42

        Very good idea, that might make testing new features in a branch by a non-core devs easier w/o explicit merging to a branch by a core dev required... I would use this method once I get around to commit my modules.

    1. Alex author

      I've tried 27fcf97eb255 these days (wanted to show the sounds to some guys at a workshop) and the redraw was broken (was not erasing the balls). Didn't check the latest yet.

      I've reverted to my latest change (2bfb15ffa4ec) and all was fine.

        1. pravdomil

          Well I had no redraw issues, so definitely it's 5D3 bug. I think that you can merge it? It's pretty stable.

  3. Alex author

    Some bugs:

    • if you start playing with the LEFT key, it throws the ball down (so you lose from the beginning). I can reproduce it every time by playing from default settings (level 1).

    • if you close the menu, the game is still running on top of the photo display (I remember it was stopping and resuming when you got back into menu).

        1. pravdomil

          hmmmm, yes I already got this glitches, this comes when you put the BMP_LOCK out and do the erasing, because before it was always drawing black rectangle and all elems on it

          I don't know what we can do with it, kill canon redraw? Or make the graphics engine (suggest on forum)

          1. Alex author

            I'd say just stop playing when it goes out of menu. I can look into that, can you look into #1? (since that one is from the game logic)

                  1. Alex author

                    Just found out you are blocking all the GUI events. This is not a good idea (and was the cause of that bug).

                    Maybe blocking only some blacklisted events (to avoid menu doing things while playing) would work better.

                1. Alex author

                  Animation goes for one second, then it stops (both intro, logo and game play). What the duck?!

                  The first bad revision is:
                  changeset:   10916:f9fb29c77add
                  branch:      arkanoid
                  user:        Pravdomil Toman <pravdomil.toman@gmail.com>
                  date:        Wed Apr 23 21:31:42 2014 +0200
                  summary:     arkanoid: reverse pause
                    1. Alex author

                      Nope, I just hit SET to start playing from menu, it plays for a second, then it stops. Then I hit arrows to continue playing, it plays for a second, then it stops again.

                        1. Alex author


                          What was happening:

                          • I pressed SET to start the game
                          • when releasing SET I got an UNPRESS event which paused it

                          Now, I only handle the PRESS SET event and ignore the UNPRESS one. In addition, SET will also resume if paused (pause+resume, not just pause).