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  1. johnnyrun

Hi all. This is more a invitation to docker instead a real PR. I had trobles to have a full working environment to build ML. On ubuntu amd64 I had problems with gcc 64bit. On debian, problems installing the ppa (gcc). The virtual image is for vmware and I usually avoid use proprietary sw.

So, why not docker? Incremental sending, automated builds, easy to test/upgrade/maintain.' I'm not a docker guru. I'm a beginner but docker is really easy. I build two images for docker and in minutes you'll have a full working environment to build ML. At the moment, automated build is linked to my bitbucket account, but it's a test.

Please think about it. regards

Comments (2)

  1. Georg Hofstetter

    i personally have never really used docker and never was able to build it on my machine. this was some time ago when i tested it. but if someone takes care about that (for a longer time) - why not?

  2. Alex

    Finally got this to work in an Ubuntu Bionic VM, after lots of struggle with other systems. Interesting concept, but I found it a lot harder than downloading the ARM toolchain.

    Will try to get something that works without patching the Makefiles.