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Magic Lantern

New options to display on info header/footer, use camera date format setting to show date, and fixes on 7D info screen

  1. Pelican
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Comments (8)

  1. Alex

    Those header/footer info menus are getting cluttered, the proof of concept is nice, but I don't see the usefulness of all those fields.

    I'd rather like to see something simpler, but portable and robust.

  2. Pelican author

    Yeah, most of that choices are useless, but I've just put the card label which is very useful for me to know which card is on the camera. I use only this and the date on the header and not using footer.

  3. Pelican author

    So what am I supposed to do now? Do you want me to fix this request? There is a lot of small fixes in this request. For example no HDR display on 7D, the HTP displayed twice, auto iso range in wrong position and stuff. Could you pull them manually?

  4. g3gg0

    well, i would first fix the indentation to use 4 spaces instead of tabulator characters. then fix the ASCII encoding of UTF-8 name in propvalues.h. anyway, i have an idea of a different flexible interface that is dynamically reconfigurable and covers all use cases.

    1. Pelican author

      OK, I turned back the "change new tabs to spaces" function in my text editor. I turned off for ML developing... Unfortunately I can't stop the editor to change the characters which are not exists in the codepage I'm using. But I think is better idea to not put cyrillic or any other non latin letters to the source. (audio.h also contains something different)

    1. Pelican author

      I've just pulled your changes from the repo and I eager to see it. I think before I make any changes it's better if I wait a few days until you finish it. I turned to Notepad++ which handles the cyrillic and other characters so I will not ruin the strange comments anymore... :-)

    2. Pelican author

      It's very promising. My opinions:

      • a show/hide property to disable the unwanted fields OR possibility to delete/ add new fields

      • a field name property should be useful for easily identify the field

      • a background fill property (maybe it is not necessary we can put the bmpfill where it needs)

      Maybe you already made one of these, I've just pulled the changes of the last two days.