#609 Merged at b434d32
  1. Alex

Final tests before merging :)

What to look for:

  • (new) silent pics should not be triggered by the autofocus button (AF-ON or * or whatever)
  • (new) it should have a preview after taking the picture (on 60D it was black screen and nobody reported it)
  • invalid MLVs (I hope it no longer happens)
  • long timelapses (more than 4GB), on both FAT32 and EXFAT cards
  • mlv_play should play back the recorded movies (start it from file manager)
  • error handling (try crashing it, or check what happens when card is full)
  • menu: if it needs some particular setting (like M mode, or auto ISO turned off), it should print a message
  • MLV should work in all modes (not just fullres)
  • MLV should not be "confused" by intervalometer
  • switching from MLV to DNG and back in the middle of a timelapse should have no major side effects (like invalid MLVs, or DNGs with MLV data inside, or similar)
  • after using silent pics, you should be able to take regular pictures normally
  • raw overlays (zebras, histogram) should be clean, both in silent mode and in regular photo mode

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  1. David Milligan

    60D, 12.34GiB MLV timelapse, exfat, everything worked fine, will try some more stuff when I have time

    1. Alex author

      Do you get a preview on your 60D, or just a black screen? On mine I get black preview, unless I hold shutter pressed for a longer time.

      1. David Milligan

        previously, preview had worked fine, the version from a couple of days ago, the screen did go black like you say, but I didn't notice b/c I only shot a time lapse and there wasn't much time between frames anyway, but now it is working fine

        AF: If I use one of the other modes that still has AF on the half-shutter, I no longer get the menu warning, but half shutter doesn't trigger a picture, instead, whatever button doesn't have AF on it, triggers the photo. For example I typically use mode 6. Half-shutter focuses, and either AF-ON or * triggers a photo. IDK if you meant for it to work like this, it might be slightly confusing to some

        1. Alex author

          Yeah, I can't really tell the difference between those buttons that send the same event as half-shutter. I believe this info is only known in the MPU, and it's not transmitted to main firmware unless some action is required (like AF or AE lock).

          I'm not sure what I can do about it.

  2. nikfreak

    This is from 70D:

    • check for M mode works
    • check for loaded mlv_rec module works. If it's not loaded it will warn accordingly
    • raw overlays and histogram in silent mode QR is ok but not ok when after taking a normal pic (QR) in LV or regular photo mode (this one showed up 1st time after trying out fullres-silent-pics branch on 70D weeks ago. Before that [=unified with old PHOTO_EDMAC address] QR wouldn't show any raw zebras even if enabled.
    • filemanager is able to show raw videos taken from cam w/o problems (mlv_play_enabled)
    • filemanager produces malloc error when trying to view the MLV taken with silent.mo (see screenshot - mlv_play.c - mlv_play_task). displays fine on PC with MLRAWViewer. This applies only to full-res option. Burst MLV can be viewed on cam.
    • filemanager is able to show a DNG taken with silent.mo but shows an DNG error and also produces another malloc error (see screenshot - picview.c - menu_redraw_task). Applies again to full-res option. No problems on PC to view the fullres-DNG..
    • filemanager can not view dumped HD-00x.422 image buffer (.again malloc error picview.c - menu_redraw_task). But viewing LV-00x.422 works
    • Tried also older commits from fullres-branch but all show the same malloc errors (screenshots are from latest merges including my 70D work)

    VRAM0.jpg VRAM1.jpg

    Edit: mirroring screenshots as pic-upload on bitbucket broken https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Mu66yg5QzRX2dNWkxQQjhKN2s/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Mu66yg5QzRTm84T3hnZlJzSFk/view?usp=sharing

    Idea: maybe allow MLV only in conjunction with intervalometer (for timelapses) and or fullres-silent pics. When first selecting "burst" I expected an one-file MLV containing all burst images but it created 60+ MLV's. I understand that MLV is fast in saving compared to DNG but it confused me anyways.

  3. Alex author

    Burst should create one MLV per sequence. I'll check it again.

    Do you have SRM memory enabled on 70D, right? How many buffers do you have available outside LiveView?

  4. Alex author

    Hm, it only needs 3 buffers for mlv_play.

    Can you print some debug info?

    From raw.c, near this comment: "autodetect image size from EDMAC", print width and height. From exmem.c, print srm_buffer_size (e.g. from _srm_get_max_region).

      1. nikfreak

        Side note: also triple-checked ALL stubs from "Exmem" and "Memory Allocation" sections to be rest assured I have them correct

      2. Alex author

        These numbers are OK too.

        You can get the error just by opening a picture in file manager / pic_view, right?

        If so, define MEM_DEBUG in mem.c, define CONSOLE_DEBUG in console.c, and you should get a detailed log with what the memory backend is trying to do. I'd like to see it.

  5. Alex author

    Reproduced the memory error on 60D, when scrolling quickly through pictures from file manager. But mlv_play is working fine.

  6. nikfreak

    compiled based on 3082908 here my findings on 70D:

    • OK --- silent pics are not triggered by the autofocus button (AF-ON or * or whatever)
    • OK --- preview after taking the picture
    • OK --- no invalid MLVs encountered
    • OK --- long timelapses EXFAT cards (MLV, M00..)
    • OK --- mlv_play plays back the recorded movies
    • OK --- error handling: couldn't crash it and once card is full intervalometer will simply stop and lcd will stay black. Retrying to take a silent pic shows "file write error (card full)". Turning cam on and off displays canon screen "CARD full"
    • OK --- "manual Mode (M) or manual exposure required" is being displayed instead of preview after trying to take an image. Couldn't find any hint in menu.
    • OK --- MLV works indeed in all modes
    • not sure --- MLV should not be "confused" by intervalometer (somehow intervalometer might confuse MLV on 70D. Sometimes there are dozens of MLV's created. This happened twice to me. It happens always in burst mode and also once after a cold reboot when using fullres-silent-pics mode (reported days ago same behaviour here). Could be a 70D-only issue. See screenshot below)
    • OK --- switching from MLV to DNG and back works and didn't encounter invalid files
    • OK --- after using silent pics I can take regular pics but somehow got a strange DNG filesize after stopping intervalometer and switching to photo mode to try this out
    • OK for silent pics --- raw zebras are clean but not in regular photo mode (we already talked about this for 70D. Somehow 70D has problems in QR with raw zebras. No showstopper for merging as it only applies to 70D...)

    dng_FILESIZE1.jpg mlv_FILESIZE1.jpg

  7. David Milligan

    Was trying some stuff out on 1100D, noticed that if I started a intervalometer sequence outside of LV with 'take a pic' trigger and FSRP enabled, the first pic is normal, then FSRP starts trying to take pictures, but outside of LV (so everything is black)

  8. nikfreak

    Based on latest commit I encountered a strange behaviour: Focusing with AF-ON seems to work but noticed that once focus acquired and zoomin in/out afterwards to get out of focus then the AF-On button will not re-focus but instead take a silent picture. Anybody else able to confirm?

  9. David Milligan

    everything is getting named "DARKxxxx" now, even stuff that is not dark frames (60D and 1100D)

    1. nikfreak

      Yeah, but first tries were named ok for me. Just noticed now that even after cold boots it's still being named "DARKxxxx"

      On a side note @a1ex can you take a look at the following screenshot plz. I guess this has to do with my problems regarding zeras in QR: VRAM4.jpg

      1. Alex author

        These differences look like round-off errors (probably a bit high, but shouldn't be a big issue).

        (sorry for delay, but I couldn't load the screenshot completely till now, not sure why)

    2. Alex author

      Removed the dark frame feature for now; will revisit it after merging.

      (I've pushed it by mistake anyway)