#631 Merged at db3ebdf
  1. Alex

Updates for the installer:

  • If you start it on a different firmware version, it will tell you to upgrade Canon firmware. Previous installer would just blink a LED (and there are people who kept it blinking for hours).
  • same FIR name for all cameras (8.3)
  • 60-second timer for uninstallation
  • dumps ROM before installing, and tells the user to copy these files in a safe place
  • fixes uninstallation on 650D, maybe others (cc243917b1cc)
  • installers for 550D and 600D (not tested)
  • installers for the upcoming 700D.114 and 6D.116
  • custom error message for 70D A and B

Binaries: 5D2.212 5D3.113 5D3.123 6D.113 6D.116 7D.203 50D.109 60D.111 70D.111A 70D.111B 500D.111 550D.109 600D.102 650D.104 700D.113 700D.114 1100D.105 EOSM.202

Comments (35)

  1. Jarno Paananen

    Tested (un)installing on EOSM.202, works fine otherwise, but uninstaller seems to get a bit confused if power saving kicks in (had screen turn off at 15s) and you press a key or touch the screen to get it wake up, it just shows "please restart your camera" but has not turned boot flag off. Works fine if I set the screen off timer to 3 minutes for example.

    1. Alex author

      Attempted to fix with the trick used in silent pictures and raw_rec; also updated the binary.

        1. Licaon Kter

          Tested (un)installing on my M too, working ok. Got thrown off a bit by the missing ML-SETUP.FIR.

  2. nikfreak

    Unfortunately doesn't work for my 70D (=A). I tried both 70D binaries. The error is:

    Update file cannot be found. Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again.

    Another user with B model / revision has been asked by me to try it out, too. he also posted me the same error.

    Here's the screenshot how it looks like on my cam: removed to avoid unneccessary load

      1. nikfreak

        Ok thanx. It now works for me (70D_111A).

        But 3 people from forum reported the 70D_111B binary as not working. They still get the initial error: Update file cannot be found. Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again. I assume you used 70D_111B device tree from my pull request branch?

        1. Alex author

          My mistake, uploaded B binary again. Can you check it on your camera? Also, can you ask the 3 testers to try the A FIR on their "B" camera?

          1. nikfreak

            I checked B FIR on my camera. It shows "Firmware Update" for a second then jumps back to INFO screen and stays there - so does nothing wrong to my cam.

            Good news is that B FIR seems to work now on other testers cam. Graphics output looks bit weird but it worked. Did that already enable bootflag on his cam? he ofc doesn't have a compiled nightly but would be good to know if you think I should provide one to them. Here's the screenshot of B FIR on 70D_111B:


            1. nikfreak

              maybe I am dreaming too much but it would be very cool to have 1 unified installer which shows the cam model (A or B) so people will read and be informed which nightly zip (A or B) they have to use...

              1. Jake Petre

                What did the root of your SD look like? I have one of the earlier 70D's and just now got the installer working: "ML-SETUP-2.FIR" That was the only file I had on the root of the SD. I formatted a couple of times before loading the installer. If you need someone to test a build I believe Toni and I will be able to confirm or deny functionality.

            2. Alex author

              Ah, got it, it was because firmware signature for B was missing (it's 0xdd6f9eb3). Updated B fir again.

                1. Jake Petre

                  I got this same message when trying binary 111A. 111B yields the message shown in your earlier update.

                  1. nikfreak

                    I would completely remove "if that doesn't work, you are out of luck". Rest looks good to me. Should be fool-proof I hope....

                    1. nikfreak

                      Ok 70D_111B is running ML. I compiled it for B and shared with 1 user. Shall I publish the build on forums? 70D_111B_runningML.jpg

                    2. Alex author

                      Uploaded both 70D FIRs without this message (and with some more minor tweaks like font checking and alignment).

                        1. nikfreak

                          Yes work for me on 70D_111A, too. No misalignments.

                          Info: Toni is 1 private tester with 70D_111B. Toni could you read all text with new installer or again like this:


  3. Jarno Paananen

    Tested 5D3 binaries on 1.3.3 and got the normal Canon warning about not downgrading to older than Ver. 1.3.0. Not really relevant until 1.3.3 version of ML is out, but might be useful to direct people to 1.1.3 or 1.2.3 if they try with this version.

    1. Alex author

      Updated 5D3 binaries to address this issue (but not tested). They now contain 1.3.3 in the FIR header.

  4. Walter Schulz

    Text "Expecting a Canon <model name>, with firmware version <firmware version>."

    Not a native speaker but "Expecting Canon <model name> with firmware version <firmware version>." seems to look better.

    Native speakers advice, please.

  5. Walter Schulz

    comp_IMG_1809.jpg Minor display problems after timeout and uninstall.

    Function itself: No problems so far with 7D and 650D.

    • Tested update attempt without ML dir and Autoexec.bin on card.

    • Tested error message for installing ML on 7D with firmware 2.0.5. (Not able to verify 650D because only 1.0.4 available here).

    • Installing ML on 650D and 7D

    • Uninstalling ML on 7D and 650D

    • Tested 7D with 4 GB and 128 GB cards. FAT32.

    • Tested 650D with 8 GB ExFAT and 64 GB ExFAT.

    Question: Canon menu shows firmware info for 7D "2.0.3-ml-Nightly.2" but 650D shows "1.0.4" only.

    1. Alex author

      Looks like I forgot to clear the screen.

      Hopefully fixed, but camera is already in the bag => not tested. Updated binaries.

      1. Walter Schulz

        Screen is cleared now before writing uninstall messages. Text for 7D is alligned well.

  6. Mathew Kelly

    Works on 700D_144, I already had bootflag installed from 113, I let it go the 60 sec to uninstall it and it did just fine, then reinstalled it also just fine!