fps_timer_a_min and fps_timer_b_min fixed for EOSM

#649 Declined
Magic Lantern
  1. Johanan Pandone

safe timer values for eosm

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  1. Daniel Fort

    @Photato since you commented on this you are now one of the reviewers and can "Approve" this pull request. Just a formality but it helps the maintainers decide whether or not to merge the pull request into unified.

  2. Daniel Fort

    Approved by @a1ex - YAY!

    Now what is the procedure to get this merged so we can get the EOSM nightly builds working again?

  3. Daniel Fort

    My EOSM__working branch includes the timing values suggested by @a1ex if anyone wants to give that a try and compare it with the @dpjpandone timing values from this pull request. I also compiled a build with this and other goodies and posted it in my download area.

  4. Daniel Fort

    Since this pull request is stuck until the author can get to his camera in a few more months I submitted an alternate pull request with the notes @a1ex suggested. This is just an effort to move things along, get nightlies working again and put the latest changes into user's hands.