Eliminate need for ~/mingw-w32/bin/i686-w64-mingw32-gcc

#659 Merged at 70cf6ba
MinGW x-compile
  1. Daniel Fort

Some of the modules have command line tools that require a link to the MinGW gcc compiler in the home directory and other modules look for it in the default path. In addition, Makefile.user.default sets up the MinGW cross compiler settings but few of the command line tools are taking advantage of this.

This pull request is an attempt at eliminating the need for a link to the MinGW compiler in the user's home directory.

  • First attempt at removing the home directory link ~/mingw-w32/bin/i686-w64-ming-gcc in dual_iso (cr2hdr) and lv_rec (raw2dng)

  • There is another Makefile for raw2dng in raw_rec that needed attention.

Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Fort author

    Note that cr2hdr isn't very elegant because it is assigning the cross compiler as the "host" but it was like that before and I didn't want to make too big of a change.

    Also note that "make clean" was modified so that it would remove all of the compiled command line tools.

  2. Daniel Fort author

    Added rule to make dng2raw.exe and included stdint.h to define uint32_t and int32_t in raw.h so cross compiling to Windows now works.

  3. Marsu42

    You should always approve your own pull request if you think it's ready for merging (top right on bitbucket), makes a mighty good impression on the long list of pull requests :-)