#666 Merged at c87b210
  1. nikfreak
  • Created new branch 650D_700D_magic_Zoom_Flicker_Fix
  • try to fix Magic zoom for 650D / 700D

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    1. Daniel

      Thank you for responding this quickly with your (hopefully working) fix @NIKFREAK!

      I would also appreciate a zip since I have no clue where my vm to build ML is and I still haven't figured out how to properly build the modules too (the module tab always disappeared on my builds 😟)

        1. Walter Schulz

          On 650D: Yes, flicker is still there but less. In photo mode there is the biggest improvement. Shutter press half without patch in LV photo mode: Nope, this is no fun! With patch it is useable. Not that big an improvement in movie mode. Is it just me or do you copy that?

  1. Walter Schulz

    Thanks! Magic Zoom flicker reduced a lot. Will try to merge this one into a1ex' overlay fix this evening and give it approval after.

    1. nikfreak author

      So it is fact that all Digic V cams need this. Guess the better approach would be to simply use "defined(CONFIG_DIGIC_V)" and clean up the cam specific ones...