Helpers to run "make install" on Wi-Fi SD cards

#726 Merged at fef4ded
  1. Alex

All my card readers are toast now, so this patch is a must-have for me.

Two parts:

1) Debug -> Unmount SD card (5D3 1.1.3 only for now). This is needed to make sure nothing else is written from the camera while uploading the files to the wifi card, or after that. Without this trick, you risk filesystem corruption.

If you forget to run it, or if you have loaded a ML binary without this feature, just wait for the install to finish, then open the battery door. Do not power off and do not open the card door, or you'll get filesystem corruption.

2) Makefile configuration to automate the "make install" via Wi-Fi (specific to Toshiba FlashAir, but I guess it should be similar on other wifi cards):

  • connects to the SD wifi network (with NetworkManager)
  • mounts the remote SD directory via WebDAV
  • performs the installation as usual (tested from platform dir and from module dir)
  • unmounts the WebDAV directory
  • connects back to your main wifi network, or turns off wifi if you don't have any

To enable, run export WIFI_SD=y in the terminal, then fill in your network parameters in Makefile.user.

Note: I did some more changes to makefiles, see this PR.

Main question is: does it break anything on your side?

Comments (3)

  1. Walter Schulz

    I have a big problem concerning the merits of this PR: Whenever a newbee asks about other methods to install ML he will get hit with something like "Get a decent cardreader and get over it". In other words: KISS.

    1. Alex author

      This is not an alternate method for users to install ML, but for me to upload development builds on my cameras (because my cards/readers/slots are worn out from so many card swappings).

      The question was whether this breaks the build process on your operating system.

  2. nikfreak

    Looks good to me. Can't speak for the wifi sd as I don't got one. merged and compiled for 70D as usual. Boots up fine and can't seem to find anything wrong when doing a quick test (shot some test pics in photo ans Lv mode)