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  1. nikfreak

Finally Canon released the first firmware update for the 70D. This PR:

  • is adding ML support for FW 1.1.2
  • is getting rid of the two firmware revisions 1.1.1 (handling pain, see forum thread)
  • is deleting unmaintained references

Tested myself for the last few days:

  • Installer works w/o problems
  • All enabled features seem to work w/o problems
  • Formatting card and keeping ML works etc.
  • Stubtest from selftest.mo passes with zero fails
  • Kept the amount of commits as small as possible for this PR

Let me know what I can further do to get this merged. Some things don't work well like

  • dual iso in video mode
  • fps override
  • raw zebras in QR mode

Fixing them unfortuantely seems out of my scope. This state seems to be best I could do on my own and I vote for a merge (even with some of the features not working) and getting rid of older branches and references to the 70D (nanomad's repo, even my own working repos etc.)

Comments (4)

  1. DeafEyeJedi

    This build seems to be solid so far for the 70D.112 however I will double check everything just to be sure since @nikfreak updated this build (Beta-4a / 26th Oct) again just a few days ago.

  2. ryphat ken

    Hello i downloaded the ML recent build and i updated the canon 70d firmware to 1.1.2 and im having issue with flickering on the lcd flipout display and fix for that?