#775 Merged at 4640f62
  1. Georg Hofstetter
  • fixed lens ID reading, added version etc. to be tested
  • check for property length and decide if this feature is availablethis

as reported in http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=18083.msg175588#msg175588 the lens_id was read wrong. this was fixed here and added a display menu including reading of the other known fields.

this was confirmed for 5D3 and should also match for 600D and 7D. please report in if it doesnt match to others.

Comments (10)

  1. Daniel Fort

    Looks good on the 700D

    exiftool:     240 => 'Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM', #15
    mlv_dump:  Lens ID:     0x000000F0

    0xF0 == 240

  2. Georg Hofstetter author

    does someone have a lens extender to test what happens to appear in the extender field?

    1. Alex

      Tested on 5D3 123 and 500D with 24/2.8 STM (both cameras) and 18-55 IS II (500D). All OK here.

      Only one thing I'm not sure about: the size of lens_info.serial_number.

      1. Georg Hofstetter author

        tried to dig some firmwares i had lying around. couldnt find any track to the serial number. weeeeeird.

        would qemu probably help there?

        1. Alex

          Not sure if it can help directly; maybe as a debugging tool to see where this serial number comes from (though, usually, property contents come from a MPU message). One could probably changing values to observe what ends up in EXIF, but this part won't work in QEMU (as it can't create CR2 pictures yet).

      2. Georg Hofstetter author

        when looking at e.g. 600D, the structure is only 0x14 bytes in size.

        this leaves only the 5 bytes for serial at maximum. maybe info[0x14] is for something else but its on a good track.