#778 Merged at 670a2ea
  1. Alex

Most of them are cherry-picked from the recent experimental branches, but they do not depend on the new features, so I think they can be merged into unified right now - of course, if they look OK to you. They are bugfixes or minor backend refactors.

Next on the list: mlv_lite. After that, revisit pre-recording.

  • EOSM, 700D, 650D, 6D: enabled CONFIG_EDMAC_RAW_SLURP (EOSM: included fix from 061ac76)

  • all cameras with RAW_SLURP:

    • get LV RAW resolution from 0xC0F06800/4 or 0xC0F06084/8, instead of hardcoded values

    • use the same PREFERRED_RAW_TYPE (CCD); see this analysis; should fix digital ISO behavior (e.g. 640 should be identical to 800 in RAW) and bad pixels in preview (if your camera had these issues); in other words, raw behavior should be consistent with 5D3 on most recent models now

    • use the same EDMAC channel as Canon code (0x12 on all new models)

  • edmac-memcpy.c: refactored to avoid static struct edmac_info

  • Raw backend: RAW_TYPE_ADDRESS no longer needed

  • raw_rec: fix recording speed not measured with lvinfo indicator

  • Raw backend: fix noise around raw previews on HDMI screens

  • Attempt to fix null ptr issues (not tested, as I'm unable to reproduce the bug)

Comments (9)

  1. danne

    Did some practical testing in raw_rec seems fine. Also did some allround testing with other settings and working. Tested on 5D mark III. Can,t say much about actual code.

    1. nikfreak

      Can't say much about post processing or bad pixels but no problems with the dng's when viewing them using MLVFS. Looks good to me. Like the fact that we got rid off the hardcoded values now.

    1. Alex author

      The exception branch probably didn't trigger; can you check which of those 4 conditions is false?

      1. Daniel Fort

        Found it,

        *height == 1188

        Looks good now on every video mode. Even checked zoom mode which people seem to forget is an option. Frame size up to 2496x1074 though the image doesn't match the LiveView and max recording at 14bit is one second.

        Submitted pull request #795 for this branch.

        1. Alex author

          Yep, that's the point of generic code: most of the time, it handles unusual cases as well. And it's much easier to maintain.