650D and 700D: enable CONFIG_EDMAC_RAW_SLURP

#781 Merged at 1dd7a39
  1. Daniel Fort

Copied from @dmilligan EOSM commit 193dc59 Thanks to @eNnvi for finding the 700D and to Rewind for the 650D DEFAULT_RAW_BUFFER addresses

Comments (5)

  1. Daniel Fort author

    @a1ex -- should we start changing:

    #if defined(CONFIG_650D) || defined(CONFIG_700D) || defined(CONFIG_EOSM)


    #ifdef CONFIG_DIGIC_V

    Or is it too early for that? I think that will also affect the 5D3 and 6D

    1. Alex

      For dmaFlags, it won't work.

      For EDMAC channel, I should re-check 5D3 1.2.3 (don't remember if choosing channel 4 was something just because channel 12 was used during LV startup, or is actually used by something else during LiveView on 1.2.3).

  2. eNnvi

    first i'd like to see a channel for 7D, so we can keep trace of all the next supported cams in the same pull request

    1. Daniel Fort author

      Adding the 7D and the rest of the platforms would be great. @Dannephoto and I are trying to figure out the 550D but it seems that the EOSM, 650D and 700D are very similar while the other cameras will require different techniques. I would suggest merging what we know is working into the raw_video_10bit_12bit branch so we don't start duplicating our efforts. Then again, that's not my call. @a1ex ?