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  1. Alex

The refactoring looks good to me; didn't check the new UI routines yet, but I have a feeling they are worth including.

Comments (7)

  1. Daniel Fort

    Just a few notes on this.

    The lens field in the MLV header is limited to 31 characters so something needs to be done to accept lenses with longer names.

    There are lots of Nikon manual lenses that can be used on Canon bodies. The choice of just those two lenses seems a bit odd. I could look up and add the more popular ones if that would be appropriate.

    Finally, this project started out in order to use the automatic lens profile feature in Adobe Camera Raw. That is working will the Zeiss ZF.2 lenses with the exception of the 100 macro lens--because the lens name is one character too long. I'm not sure how well the lens profile feature works because it makes adjustments to distortion and vignetting depending on the lens aperture and that isn't practical in a script like this. However, it seems that some users like the ability to add manual lens metatadata so and this script works fine for that purpose.

  2. Lars Steenhoff


    I added a few more lenses to the list, and wrote on the forum how to get them into the workflow.

    I see some of them are longer than 31 characters, for me its not the biggest problem to get them to work in ACR, its also about organising footage by shot type, and lens info is very nice to assist in this.

    Lets say that for a first implementation this is good. and approve the pull, and then we can iterate on it by looking into this 31 character limit.

  3. Lars Steenhoff

    I have been using this for a few builds I did, the only issue that I have is that the script menu is not interactive at startup 5d mk3 1.2.3.
    I can work around this by activating the script manually.

    For me its good to have this merged into 4k experiments so we can have more users test this out

  4. alessandro profiti

    Is possible to merge lua_fix again here to try the latest memory backend improvement? I tried yesterday to solve freezes due to raw recordings but got a non responsive camera, but appear to boot in qemu...

    By solving those last memory issues maybe this could be merged in crop_4k branch to have a larger user base for testing