mlv_snd and dual_iso support for mlv_lite

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  1. Georg Hofstetter

This pull request contains changesets that:

  • add mlv_rec_interface.h for a module<->mlv_rec callback registration which allows multiple modules to receive its callbacks
  • add DISO block to dual_iso using that interface
  • change mlv_snd to use that new interface
  • change mlv_lite to supply that new CBR interface
  • change mlv_lite to provide blocks that other modules can fill and queue for writing

along with that, other things got also added which are also part of unified - change audio backend to use ml-cbr for "asking" if recording is enabled

Comments (13)

  1. Daniel Fort

    Played around with it today. Awesome! Is the unexpected behavior the "Frame order error: slot 6, frame xxxx, expected xxxx" ? That comes up with 10-bit but it keeps recording, apparently not affecting the video and audio. 14-bit lossless had a much more detailed error message but also continued recording.

    1. Georg Hofstetter author

      not just this, also experienced some critical error and recording aborted.

  2. Alex

    Broken this after a refactor:

    Before: mlv_rec.c and mlv_lite.c -> write_mlv_vers_blocks -> FIO_WriteFile in mlv_rec.c, mlv_write_hdr in mlv_lite.c (two ways of doing the same).

    After (17ceddd08, in crop_rec_4k, before the latest merge): mlv.c -> mlv_write_vers_blocks -> FIO_WriteFile (important?)

    1. Georg Hofstetter author

      will just prevent other modules to hook and modify these blocks, so no big deal.

  3. Georg Hofstetter author

    updated modules, should work smoothly now. did some test recordings and found no issues anymore.

    what do you think about this patchset?

  4. Georg Hofstetter author

    can we step by step drop mlv_rec? it doesn't make sense to maintain it.

    for the metadata still missing in mlv_lite, i’d propose a separate module - if someone wants periodic LENS, ELVL and EXPO blocks, they can use the extra module.
    this keeps mlv_lite as slim as it is.