mlv_rec.c: raw_force_aspect_ratio_1to1(); -> raw_force_aspect_ratio(1,1);

#851 Merged at e8dcb99
Magic Lantern
  1. Licaon Kter

mlv_rec.c: raw_force_aspect_ratio_1to1(); -> raw_force_aspect_ratio(1,1);

Comments (8)

  1. Daniel Fort

    Shouldn't this be applied to the unified branch? [EDIT] - never mind, just tried it and it looks like this doesn't work on the unified branch.

    Interesting, I thought failing to build mlv_rec was by design on the crop_rec_4k branch. This allows you a choice of mlv_lite with all the newest bit rates, compression and higher resolutions or mlv_rec which can record audio. I like it!

  2. Lars Steenhoff

    Works great, tested it on 5d mark 3, thanks! mlv rec and mlv snd now compile and work well.

    mlv_play needs some work to function in combination with mlvrec, but thats unrelated to this fix.

  3. Alex

    This change is the least of your worries - to work on the crop_rec_4k branch, mlv_rec should first be aware of the SRM use-after-free trick (otherwise you may end up with the full-res raw buffer being used as recording buffer, resulting in corrupted frames). Working on removing that requirement.

  4. Lars Steenhoff

    Thanks Alex, for the warning, I will hold of using mlv_rec in crop_rec4k until you have it updated.