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hg update 7a3b5fa3f4c6
hg pull -r update-to-650D.105 https://bitbucket.org/daniel_fort/magic-lantern
# Note: This will create a new head!
hg merge update-to-650D.105
hg commit -m 'Merged in daniel_fort/magic-lantern/update-to-650D.105 (pull request #914)'
  1. Daniel Fort

Pretty much the easiest firmware update I've done. Tested in QEMU and on real hardware. No new issues reported as a result of this firmware update.

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  1. Daniel Fort author

    Stub check:

    python check-stubs.py 650D.104/stubs.S 650D.105/stubs.S 
    STUB                                                    OLD           NEW     DELTA
    current_interrupt                                    0x00000674 -> 0x00000674 [0x000]
    create_init_task                                     0x00002eb8 -> 0x00002eb8 [0x000]
    DryosDebugMsg                                        0x0000395c -> 0x0000395c [0x000]
    dm_set_store_level                                   0x00003cc8 -> 0x00003cc8 [0x000]
    SetHPTimerAfterNow                                   0x00004fd8 -> 0x00004fd8 [0x000]
    SetHPTimerNextTick                                   0x000050c8 -> 0x000050c8 [0x000]
    create_named_semaphore                               0x00006178 -> 0x00006178 [0x000]
    take_semaphore                                       0x000062d8 -> 0x000062d8 [0x000]
    give_semaphore                                       0x000063c4 -> 0x000063c4 [0x000]
    msleep                                               0x000067b4 -> 0x000067b4 [0x000]
    task_create                                          0x00006868 -> 0x00006868 [0x000]
    GetSizeOfMaxRegion                                   0x00007444 -> 0x00007444 [0x000]
    GetMemoryInformation                                 0x00007498 -> 0x00007498 [0x000]
    _AllocateMemory                                      0x000076f8 -> 0x000076f8 [0x000]
    _FreeMemory                                          0x00007a94 -> 0x00007a94 [0x000]
    CreateMemoryChunk                                    0x0000835c -> 0x0000835c [0x000]
    GetMemoryAddressOfMemoryChunk                        0x00008900 -> 0x00008900 [0x000]
    DeleteMemorySuite                                    0x00008974 -> 0x00008974 [0x000]
    CreateMemorySuite                                    0x00008b7c -> 0x00008b7c [0x000]
    AddMemoryChunk                                       0x00008e58 -> 0x00008e58 [0x000]
    GetFirstChunkFromSuite                               0x00008f28 -> 0x00008f28 [0x000]
    GetNextMemoryChunk                                   0x000096c4 -> 0x000096c4 [0x000]
    CreateRecursiveLock                                  0x0000a0fc -> 0x0000a0fc [0x000]
    dma_memcpy                                           0x0000a460 -> 0x0000a460 [0x000]
    SetTimerAfter                                        0x0000b4d8 -> 0x0000b4d8 [0x000]
    CancelTimer                                          0x0000b6d8 -> 0x0000b6d8 [0x000]
    task_trampoline                                      0x0000bb80 -> 0x0000bb80 [0x000]
    SetEDmac                                             0x00011480 -> 0x00011480 [0x000]
    ConnectWriteEDmac                                    0x0001152c -> 0x0001152c [0x000]
    ConnectReadEDmac                                     0x000115f0 -> 0x000115f0 [0x000]
    StartEDmac                                           0x00011798 -> 0x00011798 [0x000]
    AbortEDmac                                           0x000118e4 -> 0x000118e4 [0x000]
    RegisterEDmacCompleteCBR                             0x00011984 -> 0x00011984 [0x000]
    UnregisterEDmacCompleteCBR                           0x000119c0 -> 0x000119c0 [0x000]
    RegisterEDmacAbortCBR                                0x00011a6c -> 0x00011a6c [0x000]
    UnregisterEDmacAbortCBR                              0x00011aa8 -> 0x00011aa8 [0x000]
    RegisterEDmacPopCBR                                  0x00011b00 -> 0x00011b00 [0x000]
    UnregisterEDmacPopCBR                                0x00011b3c -> 0x00011b3c [0x000]
    msg_queue_create                                     0x00013460 -> 0x00013460 [0x000]
    msg_queue_receive                                    0x00013570 -> 0x00013570 [0x000]
    msg_queue_post                                       0x0001375c -> 0x0001375c [0x000]
    msg_queue_count                                      0x0001379c -> 0x0001379c [0x000]
    AcquireRecursiveLock                                 0x000138a8 -> 0x000138a8 [0x000]
    ReleaseRecursiveLock                                 0x000139bc -> 0x000139bc [0x000]
    vsnprintf                                            0x00014ee4 -> 0x00014ee4 [0x000]
    TryPostStageEvent                                    0x00016564 -> 0x00016564 [0x000]
    TryPostStageEvent_end                                0x000165c0 -> 0x000165c0 [0x000]
    TryPostEvent                                         0x00016c44 -> 0x00016c44 [0x000]
    TryPostEvent_end                                     0x00016ca0 -> 0x00016ca0 [0x000]
    _alloc_dma_memory                                    0x00016e8c -> 0x00016e8c [0x000]
    _free_dma_memory                                     0x00016ec0 -> 0x00016ec0 [0x000]
    is_taskid_valid                                      0x0001992c -> 0x0001992c [0x000]
    bzero32                                              0x0001c45c -> 0x0001c45c [0x000]
    task_dispatch_hook                                   0x000232c4 -> 0x000232c4 [0x000]
    current_task                                         0x000233d8 -> 0x000233d8 [0x000]
    gui_main_struct                                      0x000236a8 -> 0x000236a8 [0x000]
    sounddev                                             0x000239e4 -> 0x000239e4 [0x000]
    dm_names                                             0x000241bc -> 0x000241bc [0x000]
    task_max                                             0x000247a4 -> 0x000247a4 [0x000]
    mvr_config                                           0x00031424 -> 0x00031424 [0x000]
    gui_task_list                                        0x0003d7a0 -> 0x0003d7a0 [0x000]
    sd_device                                            0x00048b6c -> 0x00048b6c [0x000]
    LCD_Palette                                          0x000505ec -> 0x000505ec [0x000]
    bmp_vram_info                                        0x00051dec -> 0x00051dec [0x000]
    camera_engine                                        0xc0220000 -> 0xc0220000 [0x000]
    cstart                                               0xff0c1c10 -> 0xff0c1c10 [0x000] [!!!]
    init_task                                            0xff0c5430 -> 0xff0c542c [0x004]
    _malloc                                              0xff0c8310 -> 0xff0c830c [0x004]
    _free                                                0xff0c8368 -> 0xff0c8364 [0x004]
    gui_main_task                                        0xff0d68cc -> 0xff0d68c8 [0x004]
    GUI_Control                                          0xff0d6ca0 -> 0xff0d6c9c [0x004]
    GUI_ChangeMode                                       0xff0d6e5c -> 0xff0d6e58 [0x004]
    gui_init_end                                         0xff0d7314 -> 0xff0d7310 [0x004]
    SRM_AllocateMemoryResourceFor1stJob                  0xff0e6ae4 -> 0xff0e6ae0 [0x004]
    SRM_FreeMemoryResourceFor1stJob                      0xff0ea5b8 -> 0xff0ea5b4 [0x004]
    StartASIFDMAADC                                      0xff108764 -> 0xff108760 [0x004]
    StartASIFDMADAC                                      0xff10891c -> 0xff108918 [0x004]
    StopASIFDMADAC                                       0xff1089f4 -> 0xff1089f0 [0x004]
    SetNextASIFADCBuffer                                 0xff108e98 -> 0xff108e94 [0x004]
    SetNextASIFDACBuffer                                 0xff108f4c -> 0xff108f48 [0x004]
    sounddev_task                                        0xff10a9d0 -> 0xff10a9cc [0x004]
    SoundDevActiveIn                                     0xff10aebc -> 0xff10aeb8 [0x004]
    sounddev_active_in                                   0xff10aebc -> 0xff10aeb8 [0x004]
    SetAudioVolumeIn                                     0xff10bd84 -> 0xff10bd80 [0x004]
    prop_register_slave                                  0xff11e778 -> 0xff11e774 [0x004]
    _prop_request_change                                 0xff11e96c -> 0xff11e968 [0x004]
    prop_deliver                                         0xff11ef28 -> 0xff11ef24 [0x004]
    _prop_cleanup                                        0xff11eff4 -> 0xff11eff0 [0x004]
    LoadCalendarFromRTC                                  0xff130a44 -> 0xff130a40 [0x004]
    SetAudioVolumeOut                                    0xff1319cc -> 0xff1319c8 [0x004]
    SetSamplingRate                                      0xff132d30 -> 0xff132d2c [0x004]
    PowerMicAmp                                          0xff133504 -> 0xff133500 [0x004]
    PowerAudioOutput                                     0xff133910 -> 0xff13390c [0x004]
    call                                                 0xff138030 -> 0xff13802c [0x004]
    AllocateMemoryResource                               0xff13bbd4 -> 0xff13bbd0 [0x004]
    AllocateContinuousMemoryResource                     0xff13bc20 -> 0xff13bc1c [0x004]
    FreeMemoryResource                                   0xff13bd38 -> 0xff13bd34 [0x004]
    DispSensorStart                                      0xff145480 -> 0xff14547c [0x004]
    SetGUIRequestMode                                    0xff1a98e0 -> 0xff1a98dc [0x004]
    GUI_SetRollingPitchingLevelStatus                    0xff1b589c -> 0xff1b5898 [0x004]
    ptpPropSetUILock                                     0xff2a5098 -> 0xff2a5094 [0x004]
    mvrSetDefQScale                                      0xff2bf208 -> 0xff2bf204 [0x004]
    mvrFixQScale                                         0xff2bf710 -> 0xff2bf70c [0x004]
    _EngDrvOut                                           0xff2c0460 -> 0xff2c045c [0x004]
    shamem_read                                          0xff2c04fc -> 0xff2c04f8 [0x004]
    _engio_write                                         0xff2c0778 -> 0xff2c0774 [0x004]
    CreateResLockEntry                                   0xff2c4614 -> 0xff2c4610 [0x004]
    LockEngineResources                                  0xff2c4adc -> 0xff2c4ad8 [0x004]
    UnLockEngineResources                                0xff2c4c80 -> 0xff2c4c7c [0x004]
    _audio_ic_write                                      0xff335394 -> 0xff335390 [0x004]
    _audio_ic_read                                       0xff3359e0 -> 0xff3359dc [0x004]
    _FIO_OpenFile                                        0xff3424ac -> 0xff3424a8 [0x004]
    _FIO_CreateFile                                      0xff342568 -> 0xff342564 [0x004]
    _FIO_RemoveFile                                      0xff342614 -> 0xff342610 [0x004]
    _FIO_ReadFile                                        0xff3426bc -> 0xff3426b8 [0x004]
    FIO_SeekSkipFile                                     0xff34276c -> 0xff342768 [0x004]
    _FIO_WriteFile                                       0xff34285c -> 0xff342858 [0x004]
    FIO_CloseFile                                        0xff34290c -> 0xff342908 [0x004]
    _FIO_GetFileSize                                     0xff342a88 -> 0xff342a84 [0x004]
    _FIO_RenameFile                                      0xff342fa0 -> 0xff342f9c [0x004]
    _FIO_CreateDirectory                                 0xff343168 -> 0xff343164 [0x004]
    _FIO_FindFirstEx                                     0xff343730 -> 0xff34372c [0x004]
    FIO_FindNextEx                                       0xff343824 -> 0xff343820 [0x004]
    FIO_FindClose                                        0xff343904 -> 0xff343900 [0x004]
    ptp_register_handler                                 0xff454eb0 -> 0xff454eac [0x004]
    dialog_redraw                                        0xff4b4158 -> 0xff4b4154 [0x004]
    MirrorDisplay                                        0xff4d5688 -> 0xff4d5684 [0x004]
    ReverseDisplay                                       0xff4d56b8 -> 0xff4d56b4 [0x004]
    NormalDisplay                                        0xff4d56e8 -> 0xff4d56e4 [0x004]
    ErrForCamera_handler                                 0xff512d54 -> 0xff512d50 [0x004]
    CancelDateTimer                                      0xff51dbd8 -> 0xff51dbd4 [0x004]
    dialog_set_property_str                              0xff5207e4 -> 0xff5207e0 [0x004]
    HideUnaviFeedBack_maybe                              0xff5262a4 -> 0xff5262a0 [0x004]
    LiveViewApp_handler                                  0xff528718 -> 0xff528714 [0x004]
    LiveViewApp_handler_BL_JudgeBottomInfoDispTimerState 0xff5295c0 -> 0xff5295bc [0x004]
    LiveViewApp_handler_end                              0xff52a8c4 -> 0xff52a8c0 [0x004]
    ShootOlcApp_handler                                  0xff52efe8 -> 0xff52efe4 [0x004]
    fsuDecodePartitionTable                              0xff62b124 -> 0xff62b124 [0x000] [!!!]
    PlayMovieGuideApp_handler                            0xff666c4c -> 0xff666c4c [0x000] [!!!]
    GetCFnData                                           0xff66fee8 -> 0xff66fee8 [0x000] [!!!]
    SetCFnData                                           0xff670100 -> 0xff670100 [0x000] [!!!]
    ErrCardForLVApp_handler                              0xff690610 -> 0xff690610 [0x000] [!!!]
    LiveViewShutterApp_handler                           0xff6e056c -> 0xff6e056c [0x000] [!!!]
    PlayMain_handler                                     0xff6f9d74 -> 0xff6f9d74 [0x000] [!!!]
    audio_thresholds                                     0xff7f27f4 -> 0xff7f27f4 [0x000] [!!!]

      1. Daniel Fort author

        Right--had it backwards on my post. So it seems that this commit should be applied the unified branch, right? It shouldn't be a part of the 650D firmware update PR.

        1. Alex

          This commit won't work without the rest of new-dryos-task-hooks, so the entire branch should be applied to unified. That branch depends on QEMU, so QEMU should be applied first. I should reinstall that Windows 10 VM to test it...