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  1. Cristian Campean

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  1. Daniel Fort

    I checked your stubs against the 1200D and it doesn’t have ChangeHDMIOutputSizeTo*, FSUunMountDevice and GUI_GetFirmVersion so I’ll have to look further into it.

    SetSamplingRate was correct, no need to change it.

    EnableImagePhysicalScreenParameter should be 0xFE114B20

  2. Daniel Fort

    Verified that the stubs you found for ChangeHDMIOutputSizeToFULLHD, ChangeHDMIOutputSizeToVGA, FSUunMountDevice and GUI_GetFirmVersion appear to be correct. However, you should leave them commented out unless you know what they do. If you look at some of the other cameras you’ll see that those stubs are commented out. Either those stubs aren’t being used on those cameras or they cause some sort of a problem if they are active.

    This brings up an interesting point--are the addresses of the stubs that are commented out correct or are they just leftover from another camera’s stubs file that was used as a template for the 1300D? Even if a stub is commented out, if there is an address associated with that stub it should be checked for accuracy. If it is accurate but commented out, leave it commented out. Note that you activated the _print_serial but do you know what it does? Is it used? If not leave that one commented out too.

    Overall you did a very good job hunting down stubs. The only questionable one is EnableImagePhysicalScreenParameter which is used in src/tweaks.c only on the 5D2, 50D and 7D so it is another stub that should continue to be commented out.

    1. Daniel Fort

      You commented it but it no longer lines up with the other commented stubs. Please try to keep the same formatting.

      You uncommented stubs that aren’t used on the 1300D. While it is good to find these stubs, they shouldn’t be activated. Note that GUI_SetLvMode is used on the 1200D and it is probably safe to activate this stub on the 1300D but it looks like it is only used on the 5D2 and 50D. I’d recommend keeping it commented out.

      SetSamplingRate needs to be changed back.

  3. Alex

    Most of these are unused, or used only on some old models; they were brought here by an automatic script. Some of them might be useful as documentation (commented out at the end). The only thing that might be useful: ChangeHDMIOutputSizeToVGA.

    First thing obviously wrong: bzero32.

    Second thing obviously wrong: task list doesn’t work; is_taskid_valid has a different syntax (address is correct). This one could have been noticed within minutes of playing with QEMU; don’t remember anyone mentioning it.

    A few more: FOCUS_CONFIRMATION 0x36EC4, HALFSHUTTER_PRESSED 0x359BC, INFO_BTN_NAME "DISP" and I could go on.

    I was hoping to find somebody who understands how a computer works, to some extent…

    1. Daniel Fort

      Checking all of the stubs is on my todo list but I also want to make sure that @ccritix gets credit for the stubs he found. Sorry, this came up while I was on vacation.